Aquashow Park has more than 20 attractions

The water park has more than 20 exciting rides of different sizes and difficulty levels. There are options for the whole family, from the little ones to the bravest.

One of the main attractions is the free fall slide, which is the highest in Europe with a drop of 32 meters before plunging into the pool.

The park also has several themed pools, such as a wave pool, a hot water pool, and a lazy river to float in.

It has bars and restaurants. There are also many green spaces for family picnics.

With so many fun options, Aquashow Park is the perfect place for a summer afternoon.

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Mammothblast made its debut in 2021, it is a gigantic slide that takes up to 5 people in a buoy.

The route is made in an amazing descent over 250 meters, being the biggest slide in the park.

To use it, you must be at least 1.20 meters tall.

Free Fall

Freel Fall is the height of adrenaline.

These 2 Aquashow slides are the biggest Free Fall in Europe and start at a height of 29 meters.

Of course, you have to take a deep breath before riding it, but the fun is worth it.

Watercoaster aquashow


The Watercoster is an aquatic roller coaster style.

This is one of the largest in the world, and has a course of more than 700 meters.

Each carriage can carry up to 8 people and their moments are photographed.

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Feel the Adrenaline

Height, speed and fun are highlights in our park. Aquashow Park seeks to bring you unforgettable moments, surrounded by the people you love most.

Join Fun

We always prioritize good times, whether they are with friends or family. Aquashow Park seeks to bring you unforgettable moments, surrounded by the people you love most.

Innovation and Integration

We have always tried to innovate and bring to the Algarve the most exciting slides that fill Aquashow Park with color and excitement. Our space also has attractions for all ages and heights!

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